What is CSGOCrosshairs.com?

CSGOCrosshairs is a place where all crosshair settings from the professional CS:GO players are gathered.
To find crosshair settings go to the ‘TEAM‘ tab I the menu bar.

How do I get the crosshair settings into the game?

It’s quite simple. When finding the crosshair you want there is two options:

  • Copy to config
  • Copy to console

Copy to config
Mark the text and paste it into your config. No copy button is available for this option due to formatting errors when copying to clipboard.
Copy to console
This button copies the settings with a “;” separator between each command so you can paste the whole bunch of commands directly into the console and press enter. It will be overwrited though next time you launch CS:GO if your .cfg contains another crosshair.
The commands in “Copy to console” is the minimal required ones. If all the settings can’t fit in the console then expand the width of the console by dragging.
This option is good for testing purposes.

The crosshair previews all look so small?

The crosshair preview images are taken in a 1280×960 (4:3) resolution and then stretched to a 900×500 (16:9) resolution. Most players use 4:3 and it’s around 50-50 with who uses stretched or black bars. Therefore it has been chosen to stretch it out which also made it easier to see the crosshair. If you want to see the full 1280×960 you can always right click and open the image in a new tab, else try it in-game!

How can I see if they have a dynamic or static crosshair before trying it?

There is a blue label indicator whichs tells you if they have a dynamic or static crosshair. This is found under their names when you open up a players settings. It’s next to the label that tells if they AWP or rifle.

Other questions?

Let me know!


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