Best CS:GO Betting Sites in 2021: Bet Money on CS:GO Matches

Want to learn how to narrow down the best CSGO betting sites and up your CSGO betting skills? If you’re reading this article, we’re sure you need a thorough guide! Lucky for you, in this article, you will learn all about eSports betting, CSGO betting, skin betting, types of CSGO bets, and much more!

According to the best CS:GO betting sites out there are:

Best CS:GO Betting Sites (2021)

CS:GO Betting SiteBonus
ArcanebetUp to $30 In Free Bets
Bet At Home50% Up to $100
BetWinner100% Up to $100
BetWay100% Up to $30
Buff.bet150% Up to $150
GG.bet100% Up to $150
Pnxbet100% Up to $100
Rivalry100% Up to $100
SpinPalace100$ Up to $200
Unikrn200% Up to $200

Today, eSports betting is extremely popular, and most major and minor betting sites are trying to adopt this new way of gambling, a unique one! But, with every innovation, new challenges arrive!Let’s begin with the eSports craze that took the gambling world by storm not so long ago. A while back, almost nobody believed that gaming could become a professional career and that the eSports betting market would tap into a revenue of billions of dollars.

The challenge, in this case, is finding a trustworthy CSGO gambling site, and without the proper education, you can easily fall victim and lose your money or skins. Moreover, you can always get lucky while betting on CSGO, but what about consistent winning?

Continue reading, as you will learn all there is to know about betting on CSGO!

About Counter-Strike Global Offensive

CSGO is one of the most popular eSports games along with LoL and Dota 2. It’s a multiplayer first-person shooter, where two teams of five players each face off in a legendary battle. Game modes vary, and you can learn all about them here. The most popular one is where the Terrorists plant a bomb and the Counter-Terrorists try to stop them. Every competitive eSports  CSGO match consists of 30 rounds in total. The first team that manages to win 16 rounds wins. The first round is known as the Pistol Round, and many CSGO betting sites will allow you to bet on its winner.

eSports Betting

As we said, eSports betting is becoming more popular by the day. It’s still far away from football or horse racing in terms of popularity, but it might eventually reach them. This scenario allows you to gather the skills necessary before eSports betting becomes completely mainstream.

Betting on eSports can also prove to be extremely fun! The eSports markets are filled with unique games ranging from popular MOBA’s such as LoL, first-person shooters such as CSGO and CoD, to less popular games such as Rainbox Six. There is something for everyone!

Moreover, you can find Provably Fair games at certain casinos that support eSports betting, which means you will always get fair treatment!

Last but not least, eSports games such as CSGO are filled with bloopers and last-minute comebacks. Not only you can master eSports betting, but you will also have an endless amount of fun!

Why Bet on CSGO?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular games when it comes to eSports betting! In fact, it’s one of the few games that allows players to bet on special casino games, such as the CSGO Roulette. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves as you will learn everything about those special casino games later.

CSGO Skin Gambling

CSGO skins are in-game cosmetics for your weapon. You can win skins by obtaining a weapon case in CSGO. Of course, not all skins have the same value. In fact, some of them can cost up to thousands of dollars.

Skin gambling easily became the most popular and unique way of betting on CSGO.  Many CSGO skin gambling sites will allow you to deposit with your hard-earned CS:GO skins instead of real money. As you know, CSGO skins have real monetary value, and you can sell and trade them as you wish.

Notably, if you sell your skins on Steam, you will get paid, but you can never withdraw the funds, and you can only use them to buy other goodies. This is the main reason why certain organizations came forward and allowed skin betting.

Now, instead of making a wager with real money, you can make a wager with your skins, and withdraw your winnings as real money. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Live Betting

Another good reason to begin your journey on a CS:GO gambling site is live betting and live stream. Almost all CSGO gambling sites will have in-game betting and a dedicated live stream if they want to be considered a top contender by players.

The live betting option is critical for your success as an eSports bettor. Serious CS:GO gambling sites will provide you with the option of watching a live CSGO match while betting. Upon doing our research, we came to discover that most eSports punters will not consider depositing with a site if they have no live betting system available.

All things considered, we strongly advise you to stick to betting sites that have the live betting option available. However, if the site doesn’t have a live stream section where players can watch the games, you can always register with and find whatever match you are looking for.

CS:GO Tournaments

Betting on an eSports game only to find out there are no matches taking place in the next ten days is rather sad. Luckily, that’s not the case with CSGO, as there are hundreds of matches and tournaments in motion every single day. Rest assured, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is not a game that will keep you waiting.

Betting on tournaments is great, as CSGO bookmakers tend to get creative and generous with their odds. Moreover, you will find the biggest number of special bets on major tournaments. Before depositing with a bookmaker, make sure to check the tournaments they cover. If you find a lack of coverage in this section, we advise you to avoid the bookie and look for another one.

The most popular CSGO tournaments for 2021 are BLAST Premier, IEM Katowice, ESL Pro League, IEM Masters, ESL One Cologne, CS:GO Major Championship Fall, and DreamHack Masters. These tournaments feature massive six-figure prizes for participants, and they are the bread and butter of the whole CSGO gambling industry!

Types of Bets on CS:GO Gambling Sites

The most popular bets on CSGO betting sites are the match-winner and outright winner. The match-winner bet is self-explanatory, whereas the outright winner is where you bet on the team to win the tournament. Odds for the outright winner can sometimes get crazy, so make sure to pay attention and check out the odds regularly.

Match-betting on CSGO needed a bit of flair, which is why betting sites introduced creative bets! Betting on the match-winner one day after another will eventually get boring. That’s why you can now find a dozen of special bets at eSports bookmakers such as the First-Round Pistol Winner, Over/Under, Handicap Bets, Most Kills, and many more. Make sure to read and learn about them below.

First Round Pistol Winner

If you’ve ever played Counter-Strike, you know that each match starts with a fixed amount of money, just enough for players to buy a pistol. Based on our research, this first pistol round is one of the most exciting parts of the match. The team that manages to win this round, goes into the next with significant economic advantage. Therefore, this round is of utmost importance to players on the competitive scene.

Today, a great number of sites offer you to place a bet on the first-round pistol winner. Most of the time the odds will be 50/50, but sometimes may favor certain teams.

Over/Under Maps

Just like basketball betting on over/under points to be scored, CSGO betting sites will allow you to bet on over/under rounds. As we said, a CSGO match consists of 30 rounds, and the match settles when a team manages to win 16 rounds.

Of course, a match can finish 16-0, and we’ve seen it, but that’s highly unlikely. So, most CSGO betting sites will allow you to bet on a range from 22.5 to 30.5 rounds. If you bet under on 24.5, and the match completes with a result of 16-6, you win the bet, as the total sum of rounds is 22, which is less than 24.5. The usual odds you will come across for this bet are 1.80.

Handicap Bets

With match-betting on CSGO, you will find out that wagering on certain teams is just not profitable. More often than not, the odds will be heavily in favor of one team. This is where handicap betting comes in handy.

The handicap can vary depending on how much the bookmakers favor one of the teams. Let’s imagine a match – Cloud 9 vs. Fnatic. If the bookmaker favors Cloud 9 with a handicap of -3.5, it means that Fnatic will start their match with 3.5 rounds advantage. To win the bet, Cloud 9 must beat Fnatic at least 16-12. These bets provide great odds for teams likely to win the match.

Most Kills

This bet is self-explanatory. You simply wager on the player you are expecting to kill the most people in the match.

CSGO Bonuses Explained

Just like all traditional bookmakers and casinos, CSGO betting sites will try to lure you in with lucrative bonuses. Not all bonuses are the same, though, and some are specifically designed in such a way that will make it impossible for you to claim them. So, understanding the bonuses and their terms and conditions is essential!

Free Bets

Not the most common bonus type, but still available at certain betting sites. Free bets are bonuses that bookmakers offer upon signing up. They let you test their gambling site for free by allowing you to place risk-free bets.

This kind of free bonus is rarely present nowadays, as most bookmakers tend to get creative with their bonus offers. Nonetheless, if you happen to find one, it’s always a good idea to claim it as you can’t lose anything. Keep in mind that these bonuses usually come with heavy wagering requirements, and you can rarely withdraw real money.

First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus is definitely the most common one. Almost all CSGO gambling sites will these bonuses available, and you will need to go through their T&C before depositing. These bonuses usually give you a 100% match up to $100 or $200. What’s good about them is that they don’t come carrying impossible wagering requirements. The wagering requirements are usually set between 5x and 10x, and you can easily withdraw your winnings. Notably, most bookies won’t allow you to bet on single matches and odds below 1.70.

To claim this bonus, you simply need to make your first deposit. Some bookies will ask for a bonus code though, and most of the time you can find it on their site.

Free Coins

A great number of CSGO gambling sites work with coins. Instead of betting with an actual currency like EUR or USD, you do your wagering with coins. These gambling sites tend to offer you free coins to lure you into trying out their casino. This is not a bad thing, as you can purchase in-game skins with these coins.

Notably, most casinos ask for bonus codes before they let you have the free coins.

Case Opening

The Case Opening bonus is not so popular, but still worth mentioning. Namely, some gambling sites will let you open a case for free. These cases contain CSGO skins. Your chances of winning a high-value skin are slim, so we don’t advise buying them, but only open one when you manage to get it for free.

CSGO Casino Games

Unlike betting with money on CSGO matches at traditional bookmakers, at certain casino sites you can deposit skins and play CSGO games. The concept is simple – you deposit your skin and you get coins based on its worth. Moreover, some casinos will let you deposit real money and then convert them to coin. These CSGO gambling sites often run promotions where you can get your hands on free skins by using bonus codes.

CS:GO gambling sites that allow skin betting are often packed with unique games such as CSGO Roulette, Crash, Jackpot, and more. Learn more about them below!

CSGO Coinflip

This is the simplest game out of all. You simply bet on the team to win, and double up if your team wins!

CS:GO Roulette

The CSGO Roulette is a classic among CSGO betting sites. Just like normal roulette, you take your pick where you expect the ball to land, and off goes the wheel! Everything is the same, except the prizes are different. The CSGO Roulette is one of the most popular CSGO betting ways.

CSGO Crash

Just like the CS:GO Roulette, Crash is also very popular among the best CSGO gambling sites. You simply place your bet on the game and watch as the multiplier increases from 1x upward. You can cash out at any time, or you can hold on to your bet and wait for a bigger multiplier. The multiplier can crash at any time! The longer you wait, the bigger the change for the multiplier to crash. You win if you cancel your bet before the crash takes place.

CSGO Jackpot

The CS:GO jackpot is yet another simple game. Users wager their skins into the pot, and one player takes it all! The more skins you invest, the bigger your chances of winning are.

Play Smart on CSGO Betting Sites

Even a kid can place a CS:GO bet and get lucky. But what about betting smart? Can you really make a consistent income with betting on CS:GO? Yes! It will take your utmost dedication, but we assure you, it can be done! Follow our betting tips below, and you will leave our site as a better CSGO bettor than you were when you entered!

Depth of Market

You should never overlook the bookmaker’s market depth on CS:GO matches. You don’t want to deposit with CSGO gambling sites that let you win only on the match-winner. To become profitable, you will need more options at your disposal!

Make a Strategy

To become good at CSGO betting, you will need to make a strict strategy and follow it! Explore those special bets and try to take advantage of them.

Follow Teams & Players

Why would you place a bet on a CSGO team you’ve never heard of before? That’s the losing attitude you must give up! Track how teams and players perform, so that next time, you will get an idea of what might happen!

Take Advantage of In-Game Betting

All committed CSGO gambling websites will have this option available. It’s simple – if you want to become profitable, you will need live CSGO betting at your disposal. If the CSGO gambling site does not have it on board, move on.

Use The Site Bonus Wisely

Whether you decide to deposit with skins or money, most CS:GO betting sites will give you a matching bonus or extra coins. Find the best odds, and use this bonus to your advantage!

Best CS:GO Gambling Sites 2021

1.  Gamdom – Licensed in Curacao. 100% safe CSGO gambling website2.  Rollbit – Licensed in Curacao, featuring a special CS:GO roulette3.  CSGOFAST – Licensed in Curacao, one of the best CSGO gambling sites with many games4.  Duelbits – Licensed in Curacao. New but decent CSGO betting site5.  vLoot – Not your typical CSGO betting site. vLoot hosts free daily giveaways for CSGO skins, games, and Steam gift cards

What Makes CS:GO Gambling Sites Secure?

This is the most important part of our CSGO guide, so make sure to read it carefully.

Before making your deposit with a CS:GO gambling site, make sure they are properly licensed and regulated. Every licensed CSGO betting site will have a logo at the bottom of its page. If you fail to find this logo, avoid the betting site at all costs.

Most of the CSGO gambling websites are licensed and regulated by  the Gaming Curacao jurisdiction. When you see their logo at the bottom of a betting site, it means they are 100% fair and that your money is in safe hands.

Only the best CSGO betting sites are eligible for a license. They all have to adhere to strict regulations and protocols before getting one. Moreover, they have to play by the book in order to keep it.

Provably Fair

Another great factor you need to take into consideration is Provably Fair games. Betting with your skins on CSGO casino games such as Roulette, Jackpot, and Crash can be risky. You want your games fair and verified by 3rd parties for randomness. Not every gambling website will have this feature in place, but if you find one, stick to it.

Customer Support

You should never underestimate the importance of rock-solid customer support. Once you register with a gambling website, you should immediately test how good their support team is. Establish contact via live chat or send them an email, and see how long they take before responding. If you have to wait for hours before you get an answer on their live chat, that’s not a good sign. The best sites will take under an hour to resolve any inquiry you have.

Best CSGO sites will allow you to establish a contact in multiple ways: Live chat, direct phone call, email, and a vast FAQ section. Not all betting sites offer a phone call, and we don’t see it as a necessity, but live chat certainly is. Avoid bookies that have email as the only option to contact their support team.

Payment Methods

Last but not least are the payment methods offered by CS:GO betting sites. Once you decide to begin your CS:GO betting journey, you will need to decide how to make a deposit. Below, you will learn about all payment methods and their processing time!

Most gambling websites will offer you to deposit with your debit or credit card. That includes Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and more. This is one of the most popular and trustworthy options among punters. Deposits are processed instantly, whereas withdrawals can take up to 5 working days. Anything above 5 days is too much, and you should contact the support team!

Another popular form of online payment are e-wallets. They are considered trustworthy and offer quicker withdrawals as well. Deposits made with an e-wallet are instant, whereas withdrawals are processed in a max of 3 days. Popular e-wallets include Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, ApplePay, ecoPayz, and many more.

Cryptocurrencies are another method you can utilize for online payment if you choose to.  Their popularity is increasing by the day, and they have become a staple part of the online casino industry. Both deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies are instant.


Are CSGO Gambling Sites Legit?

All licensed CSGO betting sites are 100% safe. To make sure of this, scroll down to their page and check if they have a dedicated license logo.

Do Case Opening Sites Still Exist In April 2021?

Yes. Even though their popularity has fallen, you can still find gambling websites strictly focused on case opening.

What Games Can I Play At CS:GO Betting sites?

You can play unique games such as Crash, Roulette, CoinFlip, Jackpot, and many more.

On What Other eSports Games Can I Bet On?

Other than CS:GO, you can bet on Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Overwatch, Starcraft II, Rainbox Six, Valorant, and many more.

Can I Bet For Free at CS:GO Betting Sites?

Yes, some betting websites offer free coins or no deposit bonuses. You can use these bonuses to wager for free.