Crosshair placement in CS:GO – Complete guide

What is crosshair placement?

Crosshair placement is as simple as it sounds – placing your crosshair for your own advantage and helping yourself out when approaching an enemy. It is usually not something to worry about when being new to the game, however it certainly is something to pay attention to when the mechanical skill gets more advanced and you rise I ranks.
Being able to place your crosshair at the right height and width when holding an angle is a key skill to have. At the same time being able to clear corners with the crosshair glued to the corner, is very important for optimizing your chances for entry succes. Also last but not least – pre-aming corners with the crosshair placed at the exact spot where the enemy is likely to be, also is a huge skill to manage when playing Counter Strike on a higher level.

Take a look at this video with adreN – former pro play and currently coach for Team Liquid:


How important is crosshair placement?

Placing your crosshair at the right height and width, following corners correctly and pre-aiming corners is a major part of your consistency. That is something a lot of players do not take in to consideration when playing poorly, or struggling to be a factor on the server. Therefore practicing and thinking about where you are placing your crosshair, can make a massive difference in your perfomance on the long run.

Are the enemy likely to shiftwalk the corner, or will he usually Ferrari-peak it? Are you holding an angle with awp, riffle og pistol? Does he know your position? Is he low HP?
All these factors are something to bear in mind when placing your crosshair for succes. There is no point in placing the crosshair head-height in a 1v1 when you know he is 10hp etc. Also when holding an angle close to a corner, you can usually hold it pretty tight and then react to the sound queue in case he stops shift-walking. Things like these do not just come to you over night. It takes hours of gameplay, and will gradually become and integrated part of your game as you go along. The same goes for pre-aiming and following the corners when maneuvering the map – it is obviously easier to kill an enemy when your crosshair is already at him. Therefore, practice it!

How to practice crosshair placement

Crosshair placement is something that will take a lot of crafting and will gradually improve with hours played. There is however tons of ways for you to speed up the process and become better even faster.
The simple way is to simply join an offline server on a map of your likings, and just run around following corners with the curser, prefiring angles – basically getting comfortable on the map knowing your angles, timings and so on. It’s a good way to warm up for a match, getting the muscle memory going.

There is also a bunch of practice maps to play, that will evolve your crosshair placement. However these maps er more for prefires and knowing your angles.

Maps as Ypracc are really nice to practicing angles and prefiring. You can find them here:

Screenshot af csgo prefire træning


So to conclude – Crosshair placement is a key part of being a good Counter Strike player. With good crosshair placement comes consistency!
The best way to practice it, is to goof around in an offline map, and testing angles while getting used to following the corners with the curser. You can even combine the crosshair placement practice with your nade practice!


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